IMEXSU World Class Solution Provider of Tools for Deburring and Finishing Solutions.

Exceed Expectations Through Innovation

IMEXSU specializes in manufacturing and supplying DeBurring and Finishing Brushes, Holders, Tools, and Special-purpose Machines for a wide array of small to heavy industries including Automobile, Aeronautical, Aviation, Petroleum, Ordnance, Defense, Marine, Infrastructure, Turbine, Engineering and many other.


Why Choose Imexsu

We provide customized solutions to each customer according to their specific requirements. We don’t simply supply ordinary DeBurring Brushes but Right DeBurring Solutions specific to each customer which makes us stand apart from rest.

Service Areas

Our focus is identifying and offering value added deburring solutions for machined parts. We have demonstrated particular success in the following market segments as well as other production machine parts.


Valves, Mold & Die , Fittings, Precision Parts, Swiss Machined, Bushings


Tibia Trays, Bone Screws, Spinal Implants, Knees, Hips, Shoulders


Cylinder Blocks, Head Covers, Crankshafts Camshafts, Connecting Rods, Fuel Injection


Blades, Actuation Systems, Landing Gear, Fuel Systems, Engine Components, Structural Parts

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