Heavy Duty Type Disc Brushes

General Features
  • Heavy DeBurring for Class III and Class IV types of Burrs.
  • DeBurring thick burrs
  • Good for straight / flat surfaces – where burrs are in uneven planes
  • Industry: Engineering, Automobile, Aeronautic, Turbine.
  • Types : Combi, Angled, Silicon, Full Circle

We offer a wide selection of Heavy Duty Type Disc Brushes. Our versatile industrial brushes are effective for a broad range of uses for carpet cleaning and vacuum cleaner roller brush and floor scrubbing applications.

Replacement Of Japanese / Korean / Taiwan And China Make.

Few Brushes of primitive style whose construction was made of complete steel base, welding and were od heavyweight were re-designed using Engineering concept and using the light material base with a purpose to reduce over-all such that it does not impact the machine with its overweight structure giving more wear and tear to Machine.

HD Type Disc Brush Application:

  • Light DeBurring for class I and II types of burr’s
  • Edge Radiusing / Rounding
  • Good for moderate surface deburring – where all Burr’s are in the same plane
  • Industry : Engineering, Aeronautic, Automobile, Turbine, Tooling inserts, and many more

Complete Solution provider for all types of DeBurring, Finishing and Polishing needs