Holders For All Brushes

General Features

Advantage Of Imexsu Holders:

  • Machine Friendly
  • Unique Construction
  • Plastic Holder – Lightest Holder’s
  • Designed Such That Heart Of Your Machine [ Spindle ] Accuracy Is Maintained.
  • Available In Plain As Well As Side-Lock

Flow-Through Technology in Imexsu Disc Brushes And Holders:

Flow-Through Technology – Innovative Technology Introduced By Imexsu As A Value Addition Feature For It’s Brushes And Holders Ideal for Wet DeBurring Application

Advantage :

  • Evenly spreading of coolant from the center of brush which facilitates easy and smooth operational of coolant.
  • Reduction in heat generation due to easy and even flow of coolant – so the filament does not get smeared and one gets longer brush life.
  • Helps in carrying away oxides and other loose
  • particles released during DeBurring operation

Holder’s Are Accessories To Imexsu Brushes.

All Imexsu Holders Have “Flow-Through Technology” As Value Addition.

Complete Solution provider for all types of DeBurring, Finishing and Polishing needs